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Robotic TIG Welding (Short) from WEC Group Ltd on Vimeo.

WEC Increase Capacity with Robotic TIG Welding
20 January 2009

Robotic TIG welding uses computer controlled machines to create a fully automated welding process during which the robot handles the part and performs the weld, this results in a highly accurate weld every time making the process ideal for use with large batch quantities.

We can use robot welding for 0.5mm – 3mm in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, for moreinformation please visit the WEC Laser website, or contact:

Key benefits of Robotic TIG Welding include:

  • High quality welding with consistent accuracy

  • 100% repeatability at a consistently high standard
      - useful for large batch quantities

  • 7 axis flexibility for access to hard to reach areas

Robotic welding
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