Hi-Spec Tail Lifts provide patient lifts which are in use with a large number of ambulance authorities in the UK.

Working closely with the major body builders, the tail lifts are designed with ambulance authority needs in mind. We offer 24/7 support to customers and offer warranty or non-warranty repairs. We also supply genuine spares from the manufacturer direct.


Unlike traditional cantilever tail lifts, the HS5 Flatform lift with its unique flat platform keeps the patient horizontal at all times, eradicating the need to tilt the platform at ground level.

This combined with automatic front and rear patient trolley stops improves transfer of patients to and from the ambulance. The lift can be fitted behind the access door into the ambulance and is simple to operate, as well as being supplied with hinged passenger safety gates.

The flatlift can also be used as a rear closure, removing the need to fit a separate access door. Further to this, it can be supplied with sophisticated interlocks which prevent incorrect or inadvertent operation, reducing the potential for accidents or damage.

Hi-Spec 350kg Patient Tail Lift

With a load centre of 1100, the Hi-Spec 350kg Patient Tail Lift is the most technologically advanced lift available on the market.

The platform of the lift can form the rear door of the vehicle, or it can be supplied to stow behind a conventional door. Features of this model include:

  • Twin or single hand rails finished in yellow grip, with platform mechanical and electric interlock
  • Sides of the platform have up-stand of 40mm deep, running the length of the platform
  • The surface of the platform is coated with Lino to match the interior of the ambulance
  • Both front and rear stops for the stretcher trolley are automatically deployed
  • The underside of the platform is flush for fitting decals Automatic tilt at ground level only.

For Ambulance Tail Lift enquiries, please contact us:
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