CNC Machining Services (AS9100 Accredited)

WEC Machining Ltd offer a wide range of subcontract multi-axis CNC machining and precision engineering services.

CNC Machining Capacity

QTY Machine Dia Length Bar Feed Driven Tools
1 Hankook Fanuc CNC Turning Centre 950mm 3845mm    
1 Mazak 350MY CNC Turning Centre 480mm 1583mm 85mm 12
1 Mazak Quickturn Smart 300M 420mm 1250mm   12
1 Mazak 200MS (sub-spindle) CNC Turning Centre 380mm 750mm 65mm 12
1 Doosan 280M 280mm 658mm 76mm 12
1 Mazak QT 15N CNC Lathe 150mm 250mm 50.8mm  
1 Mazak Nexus 100 CNC Lathe 160mm 252mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 200MSY CNC Turning Centre 380mm 575mm 63.5mm YES
1 Mazak SQT 15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm 50.8mm YES
1 Mazak QT 20H-P CNC Lathe 440mm 429mm    
1 Mazak QT30 CNC Lathe 300mm 1000mm    
1 SQT15M CNC Lathe 300mm 500mm    
hankook large CNC Turning lathe Mazak 350MY CNC turning lathe Doosan 280 CNC Turning Lathe
QTY Machine X Y Z
1 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machines 11500mm 1500mm 2500mm + 450mm
2 Correa Axia floor-type Milling Machines 10000mm 1500mm 2000mm+450mm
1 Asquith Butler Power Centre 500 horizontal machining centre 8000mm 1500mm 2000mm
1 Hartford PRO3150 Blockbuster Heavy Duty CNC Gantry Machining Centre 3060mm 1560mm 780mm
1 MTE BF-3200 Universal Machining Centre 3000mm 1250mm 1500mm
2 CME Model FCM3000 CNC Bed Milling Machine 3000mm 1200mm 2000mm
1 Mazak FJV 35/60 II Centre 2240mm 880mm 650mm
1 HAAS VF-9/40 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 2134mm 1016mm 762mm
1 CME Model FS2 CNC Bed Milling Machine 2000mm 1200mm 2000mm
1 Awea VP12 CNC Gantry Machining Centre 2000mm 1200mm 760mm
1 Hartford Machining Centre 2000mm 800mm 660mm
1 HAAS VF-6/40SS Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1526mm 813mm 762mm
1 Mazak VT C 20 CNC Machining Centre 1660mm 510mm 640mm
1 HAAS VF-4SS Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1270mm 508mm 635mm
2 HAAS VF-4 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 1270mm 508mm 635mm
3 Hartford Pro 1000 Heavy Duty CNC Vertical Milling Machining Centre 1000mm 600mm 630mm
1 Mazak HCN 5000 CNC Machining Centre, Twin Pallet 500mm x 500mm 700mm 700mm 700mm
1 HAAS VF-1 Vertical CNC Machining Centre 508mm 406mm 508mm
Correa Axia Large CNC Milling Centre Haas Vertical CNC Machining Centre Mazak CNC Milling Centre
QTY Machine DIA Length
1 Mazak Integrex 300Y CNC Mill Turn Centre 500mm 900mm
1 Mazak Integrex 200 IVS 250mm 700mm
Mazak Integrex Mill/Turn Centre
QTY Machine DIA Bar Feed
3 Citizen Miyano Multi Spindle/Multi Axis Sliding Head Lathe 64mm 3m
1 Citizen M32 7 Axis Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m
1 Citizen L32 VIII Sliding Head Lathe 32mm 3m
Sliding Head turning lathe

For CNC Machining enquiries, please contact us on:
T: 01254 700222